How to Create Systems in Business,
Automate, Fix and Grow Your Business Fast

Tested Principles, Strategies and Tactics to Take Full Control of Your Business and Predictably
increase Clients and Sales to Gain More Profit and Spend Less Time in the Office

  • Lectures: 25
  • Video: 5.5 Hours
  • Skill Level: All Levels
  • Language: English
  • Includes: Lifetime access
  • Includes:  60 day money back guarantee!
  • Includes: Available on iOS and Android
  • Target Audience: Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs


SECTION 1: Your Business Foundation

Lecture #1
The FOUR SYSTEMS every business on the planet is built on. Do You know them? - lecture duration 15:18 [Preview]
Lecture #2
(The KEY) Understand Your Business and Any Business SALES Foundation. - lecture duration 18:46
Lecture #3
ACTION, the magic ingredient to your success & why most people fail to act. - lecture duration 15:18 [Preview]

SECTION 2: Building Your System. Tools You Need to Get in Complete Control of Your Business

Lecture #4
Why Systems are Good and Why Are The Only Way to Build a Sustainable Business. - lecture duration 08:55 [Preview]
Lecture #5
The best tool to Relieve Stress and Your #1 Productivity Secret. - lecture duration 19:38
Lecture #6
How Work Should Be Done Inside & Outside Your Business. - lecture duration 15:03
Lecture #7
The Parameters of Your System that Ensure Automation and Sustainability. - lecture duration 14:47
Lecture #8
How to Value Your Time & Find the Difference Between Productive and Wasted Time. - lecture duration 09:20
Lecture #9
The Real Difference Between Outsourcing & Out-Tasking & How to Leverage on them. - lecture duration 08:28
Lecture #10
The Tools to Put Your Marketing, Sales and Fulfillment Systems on Autopilot. - lecture duration 14:13
Lecture #11
How To Make Sure Your System Runs into the Established Parameters. - lecture duration 05:59
Lecture #12
The Best Way to "Put Your Mind on Paper" and Get Super Productive. (Best Tool!) - lecture duration 05:48 [Preview]

SECTION 3: 250+ Tactics, Ways and Methods to Grow your Business, Profit and Income.

Lecture #13
62 Channels to drive more traffic, more visitors & contacts into your Business - lecture duration 05:19
Lecture #14
63 Ways to convert more prospects and visitors into clients in your Business - lecture duration 07:00
Lecture #15
50 Tactics to increase the average number of sales per client, per unit of time - lecture duration 05:01
Lecture #16
45 Recommendations to increase the average value per transaction per client - lecture duration 04:08
Lecture #17
52 Methods to increase the profit margin and gain more from your business - lecture duration 06:37

SECTION 4: 6 Turn Key Marketing Strategies (Elements)

Lecture #18
The Marketing Element #1 & How to put an irresistible offer on the market. - lecture duration 10:12
Lecture #19
The Marketing Element #2 & How to sell more to your clients in a strategic way. - lecture duration 06:25
Lecture #20
The Marketing Element #3 & How to setup Your Automatic Lead Generation System. - lecture duration 07:16
Lecture #21
The Marketing Element #4 & How to advertise what you want & as much as you want. - lecture duration 04:45
Lecture #22
The Marketing Element #5 & How to create a business easily remembered by clients. - lecture duration 03:54
Lecture #23
The Marketing Element #6 & How to better optimize traffic exploitation. - lecture duration 09:12

Section 5: Additional Bonus Resources

Lecture #24
The First Secret of Success - eBook by Bogdan G. Ilie 87 pages
Lecture #25
6 Simple Bonuses that Can Grow Your Business - lecture duration 05:05



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"My mission is to help 300,000 small businesses thrive by empowering the small business owners with practical strategies and methods to take the complete control of them businesses and with a strategic business management and strategic business development way of thinking and to help them create, manage and leverage the power of systems in business and sales and marketing automation solutions."

Help me in this mission by studying this video course, by applying the learning  and by sharing this valuable strategies with the fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world.


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  • I will definitely systematize my business. After so many years now I understand it! Was a major breakthrough for me. Thank you very much Sir for sharing such a valuable business principle. It worth the time invested.

    I’m in business since 1999 and being too busy to “work in my business” I never had the time to see my business from this prospective. Thank you Sir!

    Jason Ford
  • Great start-up lessons to entrepreneurs get successes in the journey! The Curriculum is very promising and very well structured.

    I strongly recommend that you invest your precious time to stop, look, and listen; the information is very powerful.

    Sofia David
  • Full of practical examples, programs that only need to apply, methods and strategies covering any domain.

    It is easily understood by anyone even without knowledge of it. I think the most practical course that I saw.

    Caius Timar
  • Finally I completed the course! Wow! This is the most powerful course I ever take on building a sustainable real business. This is really more then a course. I feel the power and the freedom that this course and the information gave me.

    I have a new understanding now on what a business really is and how to build a business that works hard for the owner. Business Systems is really the Key. Thank you!

    Lisa Davis
  • It doesn”t matter in which faze of your business you are, you will find for Sure the VALUE YOU NEED. For 2 years I had the privilege to study and apply the Fundamentals of building a business….and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Bogdan capturing the exact essence of develloping the business.

    From the 4 systems, to branding yourself (USP), to market and attract clients, up to the automatisation everything is precisely accurate. “Know your numbers”, ” Constantly Innovate” and “Be Strategically Congruent” would say big names of business world as George Ross, Hugh Hilton or Nido Qubein. And everything is beautifully wraped up in this gift which Bogdan conceived.

    My personal VALUE in Bogdan’s course , as I arrived at the automatisation faze, is the Creation Of “My Disney World” through the Selling Proces filled with WOW activities for the clients. If my words would have the power to inspire somebody to take this course I would only say….TRUST yourselves in Bogdan’s vision, he will hold your hand and YOU will have the POZITIVES RESULTS you are looking for. So, THANK YOU BOGDAN !!! for a HUGE and AMAZING VALUE!!!!!

    Cristian Ladariu
  • This is a concentrated and strong inspirational course, full of practical ideas which you can apply immediately in any business. Bogdan acts as a coach who motivates you and delivers you right ingredients to

    position yourself properly to your business, to have an overview of every aspect of your business and apply with efficiency the most important sales tactics and marketing strategies, in order to grow your business to the next level.

    Georgeta Cristescu
  • I can vibe the authenticity of his intention to provide a doable lesson and not just information.

    This way of teaching is what I really needed. Thank you Mr. Ilie.

    Mandy Veillette
  • The mantra to “Work on your business, not in it” is a great idea in principle. But how to do it?

    This course shows you clearly and in great detail how to design and manage your to suit your lifestyle goals.

    David R. Durham


Take this course by clicking on THE GREEN button below and YOU SAVE MORE THE 75% !!!

[ * REGULAR PRICE IS $ 197 !!! ]

* please remember - this is a special offer and we might decide to stop it at any time ...


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